Will I need sponsorship now or in the future?

August 17, 2018

First, I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to check my blog,
I’ve gone through multiple phone interviews which were perfect until the most popular question is asked: “Will you need sponsorship now or in the future?” Although I do not need any sponsorship because I was already granted an Employment Authorization card by the USCIS, it seems that some human resource agents do not understand why I do not need a sponsorship. So I’ve created this post to address any similar questions as follows:

1- What is your current status?

I am currently in a pending asylum case, and USCIS already granted me employment authorization and legal residence in the United States during the pendency of the asylum case. Based on 2017 data, more than 90% asylum applicants receive approval administratively, and over 75% receive approvals through immigration courts.

2- Will you need a sponsorship at anytime, now or later?

NO, I don’t now and will not later need any sponsors because the U.S. Government is my sponsor, as a practical matter under the applicable asylum laws.
In addition, I am legally authorized to work and be employed by a U.S. employer during the pendency of the asylum case, and even if the case is referred to an immigration court, I will still be holding a valid Employment Authorization card for however long the asylum case remains in pending status.

3- Why don’t you need sponsorship?

Because I have already been authorized by the U.S. Government to be employed by U.S. employers through a formal Employment Authorization Document (EAD) which allows me to accept employment in the United States so I don’t become a “public charge” during the pendency of the asylum case.
Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, please feel free to review my portfolio and contact me if you have any further questions.